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Lib Web Radio Fun Day

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We would like to thank some of our corporate sponsors for making Lib Web Radio Fun Day such a success. Our corporate sponsors provide the funding that we need to bring in our special musicians and guests. We were happy to have these musicians as our guests: Luckay Buckay, Takun-J, Bone Dust, and Red Rum. We were also thankful to have these individuals as our special guests for this event: Kaifa Yamah and Lawrence Quawah. As mentioned earlier, our corporate sponsors provide guest services from travel to lodging as well as meals throughout the day for everyone who participated. Our corporate sponsors are Cellcom, Voice Fm, and Foothills.

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Government Supports Liberian Music Awards

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Monrovia – The Government of Liberia said it welcomes the idea of Liberians in the United States that are involved in the promotion of Liberian music. Government through the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism described the idea as laudable and timely especially when the country is moving forward in every aspect.
As the entertainment industry is struggling to meet international standards, Liberians in the United States have organized themselves under the umbrella ‘Liberian Music Awards (LMA) a non-profitable Organization intended to promote Liberian music and musicians.The  Liberia Music Awards Foundation is a group aimed at improving the talents of Liberian musicians and Liberian music.

The foundation normally takes Liberian artists from the seven continents in the world annually to perform in America showing their talents. Currently there are fifteen Liberian musicians in the United States that attended the program in June 2014. Some of the popular musicians currently in the US include JD Donze, Burnice Blckie, Switch, Davide Mell among others.

The fifteen artists’ visas were extended by the US government due to the Ebola outbreak in Liberia in 2014. More artists are expected to attend this year program d for June 27, 2015. Deputy Minister of Information Isaac Jackson in an interview with the FPA said the government welcomes the mood by Liberians in the US for promoting Liberian music.

He called on the organizers to be more professional as Liberian musicians go abroad to perform, saying the mood is worthy to be praised, “let the organizers keep on their good work, I think it will help government plan for the entertainment industry.

Minister Jackson believes there are many talented Liberians that can represent Liberia anywhere in the world, saying they only support. He added that with the efforts of the Liberian Music Awards Foundation the entertainment industry will be improved. He disclosed that there are talents in Liberia that the country can boast of, adding that there are plans by the Liberian government to keep Liberians talents alive at all time.

Minister Jackson noted that he is proud that Liberians abroad have started recognizing the talents of their homeland. He disclosed that an office space has been provided by government at the information ministry for the Liberian Movie Union to do its work. He said gradually there will be a improvement in the music industry, saying the government is prepared to support the industry.

Deputy Minister Jackson noted that there are plans to make effective the copyright law in order to avoid the unnecessary and illegal spread of Liberians entertainment products on the market. The president and CEO of the Liberia Music Awards, Kaifa Yamah said this year’s event will be at Kennesaw State University – Marietta Campus on June 27 2015.  He said the Awards will consist of 28 categories with one winner from each category. Cellcom, a Telecommunications company based in Liberia has come on as one of the Sponsors of Text to Vote for its subscribers.

Yama is calling on all Artists that make music or are associated with the music industry to take an interest in the awards, saying, “If you are from Liberia or of Liberian Descent this is the Award show for you. This is a World Wide Award show for all Seven Continents, because Liberians are worldwide,” he noted.

In an interview with the FPA via mobile from America, Koifa said it is about time that Liberian musicians meet their goals in the music industry. He noted that all musicians will want their music to go international, saying the Liberia Music Awards Foundation is prepared to take Liberian music to an international level.

He said the award is intended to appreciate Liberian artists for their hard work in the music industry, ” we have to appreciate our artists, whether they are making money or not we have to appreciate them, especially when we that are in the US start the process others in Liberia will follow suit, ” he told the FPA. Koifa said the initiative is a self-sponsored initiative with friends and families in the US that normally play Liberian music in their homes and businesses helping in the process.

One of Liberia’s renowned announcers known for promoting Liberian music expressed great appreciation over the initiative of promoting Liberian Music. Lawrence Quawah of Voice Fm said Liberian music is moving to another level.

“Liberian music has improved from 30% to 80%, you can sit today about three hours on the radio and playing Liberian music with listeners glue to the radio tipping their fingers and nodding their heads, even in the clubs these days Liberian music are requested for, this shows that we are getting somewhere. I cannot say here now that our music can be compared to other music in Africa,”  Quawah declared.

Quawah, otherwise known as the Spectacular Track Master said for Liberian music to compete with other African or western music, it takes all Liberians to get involved in the promotion of Liberian music. A Liberian Musician based in China, John Bricks vowed to contribute in the promotion of Liberian music, saying he is one of Liberia’s best. He told the FPA via mobile from China that he will always make Liberia proud abroad despite Liberian government pay less attention to improving the music industry in Liberia.

Liberian Music has taken a new dimension with the new Hipco artists changing the style of music. Hipco (“Co” for short) is uniquely Liberian. In short, it is the music of vernacular speech, the style of communication with which Liberians speak and relate to each other.Hipco evolved in the 1980s and has always been socially and politically bent. In the 1990s it continued to develop through the civil wars, and today stands as a definitive mark of Liberian culture.

Some young Liberians who have come to prominence through their charismatic Hipco messages are Luckay Buckay, Takun-J, Bone Dust, Red Rum,[disambiguation needed] Kenny Da Knowledge Noy-Z, Real Mighty, Mighty Blow, Picador,[disambiguation needed] Benevolence, Sundaygar Dearboy and T-Five. These rappers have been able to remind their listeners and fans about the history of Liberia.

Songs such as “Behold Behold” by Luckay Buckay, “It Not Right” by Takun-J featuring Luckay Buckay, and “Technique” by Bone Dust have been among the many prominent songs that have told people of the government lack of consciousness for her people, prostitution, jealousy, hatred, envy all over Liberia.